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Want to know something? I used to be in your shoes.

For more years than I want to remember, I struggled with my own weight and body image. I followed every fad diet there was, only to binge at night and feel like garbage the next day and repeat the same cycle. Like you and probably so many other women, I have endured a complicated relationship with food and restricting myself from the foods I enjoy. 

After self-educating myself on nutrition and what actually fuels the body, that is when I started seeing real results. This sparked an interest in me to pursue my nutrition coaching certification and continue my health degree into dietetics. 

I wished I had someone to help guide me on the journey, because truth be told I was completely lost on what to eat and how much to eat. That is why I designed my coaching to make this process super simple for you. 

A simple coaching program to help you finally lose the weight and keep it off forever.

Without the right mindset, it’s nearly impossible to take control of your eating and lose weight. That’s why I'm here — to help women just like you become their best selves by transforming mindsets and providing actionable nutrition guidance. 

Allow me to do all the backend work for you and teach you along the way, so you are never confused. This journey is already overwhelming, and trust me, I get that.

I've helped hundreds of women across the world reach their goals. You can be next!

Larsa Icho is not a licensed medical doctor or dietitian, and does not claim services will cure any diseases or related health problems; all nutritional advice should not be taken as such. Lifestyle with Larsa is in no way prescribing or requiring you to follow any nutritional recommendations. 

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